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Top ranking


During the last ten years our scientists published high ranking papers in Science, Nature, PNAS, Cell, Ecology, Ecology Letters, and Nature Communications.

Actually we hostmore than 20 PhD and master students, e.g. from India, USA, Italy, Great Britain, and Estonia. (photo)
Since 2016 we are a state laboratory in bioengineering and genetically modified organisms

In 2019 NCU achieved the status of a leading Research University within the Polish Excellence initiative. Within this project our faculty hosts three so-called emerging field, research areas of scientific potential and international reputation.
During the next three years each field will be funded by appr. 0.8 million Euro.

These fields are:

Ecology and biodiversity headed by Prof. Krzysztof Szpila. (here)

Microbiology, genetics and soil sciences headed by Prof. Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz. (here)

Chronic Diseases: from risks to treatments headed by Prof. Justyna Rogalska. (here)